I Think You Forgot Something

I’ve been in the presence of parents and their children, more times than I can even remember. I have seen, so many times, the age-old dilemma between them:

“You lied to me? You’re in big trouble.”

Interestingly, I’ve never heard this comment:

“You lied to them? You’re in big trouble.”

My response to being privy to these conversations has never been spoken, but always in the back of my mind:

“I think you’ve forgotten something.”

The Universe requires honesty. No matter how you think you have gotten away with deception, you’re wrong.

And, no matter how you perceive someone else’s life, by thinking they got away with deception, you’re wrong – again.

Every deceptive action has an equal reaction.

I knew a family that attempted, with all their might, to convince me of their honesty. But, over the years, the truth came out – invariably.

Now, I see their life being torn to shreds. Bit by tiny bit.

Of course, they would try to justify their own deceptive activity, but that never works.


Think through history. Those who have attempted to control others through evil means. Sooner or later, the Universe steps in, and they are destroyed.

Either publicly, or privately.

Of course, the rest of us may never know how much mayhem went on behind the scenes of what the media may reveal, but those who witness this karmic reaction – are all too aware of it.

Repeat: The Universe requires honesty.

Its reaction to dishonesty, is called karma.

Karma is real.

It can not, and will not, be avoided.

Teach your children properly, if you love them. Teach them that this isn’t just a suggestion.

It is metaphysical law.