Someday, You’ll Need That Ticket

The only thing you know

For a fact

Is your own life.

And, in some cases, the lives of others – if you watch them long enough.

Because of my profession, I have had the privilege, and misfortune, of getting to know many, many people.  And, because I’ve lived in one area for most of my life, I’ve been able to watch many people for decades.

I’ve watched them live.

And, I’ve watched them die.

I’ve seen their patterns.

The choices they’ve made.

And, how those choices developed into life-changing events.

Some were good.  Some made choices to live, what many call, a good life. 

Some, not so good.  Many made choices that landed them in jail.

Because I’ve been watching people for so long, and being privy to their patterns, I have discovered that these people (that I thought I knew) were nothing, even remotely close, to what I thought they were.  Which, as an end result, explains to me why their lives turned into such chaos.

And, when they share things with me, about their chaos, I can track, backwards, and understand why they are left in the spot they’re in.

Recently, there has been a decay in the quality of life around me.  At first, I feel sympathetic to these people.  I worried about them.

Then, invariably, the proverbial truth comes out.

And, I see.

I see backwards, and realize that they’ve been involved in questionable activity, all along.

I don’t get disappointed in them.

Not immediately.

I get enlightened.


Cause and effect.

Call it, what you will.

What I find most interesting, is that these people want pity.  They call themselves victims.

They want aid.

They strike out at those around them, blaming their personal circumstances on the world.

Or, their neighbor.

They are lying.



Breaking the law.

They are violating moral laws.

Ethical laws.

You would think common sense would prevail, and that they would sit and think for a minute and say, “Oh.  I see what’s happening.  I did this, so that happened.”

But, they don’t.

They whine.

And, generally make a nuisance of themselves, always blaming someone else.

They never seem to realize that, one day, they’re going to pay for their actions.

It reminds me of a group of people.

On a train.

All of them have paid for their journey, except one.

The conductor walks down the aisle, punching tickets.

All have their tickets punched.

Except one.

Who sneaked on the train, without paying.

When approached, they whine.

Then, they argue.

They blame the system.

They blame the other people on the train.

They blame their mother.

They feel they are being mistreated.

For cheating the system.

After breaking the law.

The moral laws.

The ethical laws.

I feel like telling them, sometimes, that the universe will balance them.

But, they won’t understand, or won’t want to hear about it.

So, all I can say, when I meet these types of people, is one thing:

“Someday, you’ll need that ticket…”