Just Say This

Katherine Heckner sat on her porch and, with a look of annoyance, watching her neighbors squabble about something so silly that she just shook her head and tried to ignore them.

“Those two,” she muttered.  “Why can’t they get along without aggravating the rest of us that have to watch this?”

The truth of it, was that each of her neighbors were actually very nice people.

To her, at least.

Whenever one of them had a conversation, with her, they behaved like gentlemen.  But, when they went back to their separate house, they acted like schoolchildren.  They bickered constantly, about unimportant things, that even roused the local police from time to time.

“Well, he cut his grass and threw tiny stones into my yard!” said Thomas, to her, while he waved his arms at her as she sat on her front porch and tried to listen to, yet, another ridiculous story about ridiculous bickering.

Then, a few days later, Howard would show up.

“But!” he would say, pouting like a five-year old.  “He said I played my music too loud!”

Katherine rolled her eyes at each one of them, trying to be neighborly, but caring very little about the entire matter.

“You two,” she said.  “Need to try to get along.”

“It’s not my fault,” said Howard.

“It’s his fault,” said Thomas.

Katherine had just about enough of the scuffles that went on constantly, and sat on her rocking chair.


Then, she had an idea.

An idea that made her lip curl.

Then, a chuckle blew through her teeth.

“I know how to end this,” she thought.

“Once and for all…”

To Be Continued


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