Thought for the Day: Would You Rather Be a Cow?

What a weird question.

I recall saying nothing, but wondering why I had been asked this strange question – in the first place.

The answer may surprise you.

It surprised me.

I was shown a cow, and a large pasture.  It was beautiful.  The cow had acres to run through, and a little creek towards the back.  It had all the food it needed, but the diet was simple.

Then, I was shown a bull.  His corral was small, and compact.  He was on a special diet, but he didn’t really look happy.

I was told how special bulls are.  And, how a lot of effort gets put into raising them.  They are kings of a farmyard.

I was told how cows, on the other hand, are basically disposable.  They are sold for meat.  Their milk is sold for profit.

Along with their young.

Their life, in other words, is based on usefulness – and they don’t live very long.

The bull, on the other hand, is catered to.  But, because of his enclosed lifestyle, he doesn’t build the muscles that cows have.

Bulls, interestingly, live longer.

But, in bondage.

After this, I was reminded of a neighbor of mine who craves money.  And, no amount of money would satisfy him.

He wants to be a bull, in other words.

Therefore, as it was stated:

The rich may live longer.

But, they live in bondage.

They hide in their homes, and fear intrusion.

While the poor (or not rich) live rather freely. They eat simply, and are free to roam.

They may live shorter lives, but they live that shortened life – free.

After this conversation, that started with a strange question (then explained), I was asked the same question again:

“Would you rather be a cow?”





6 thoughts on “Thought for the Day: Would You Rather Be a Cow?

  1. This funny because I remember very clearly a morning I was driving to work filled with dread about my day, and seeing a similar scene of cows who were perfectly happy looking, I wanted to trade places with them. I’d be a cow.

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  3. No matter how I look at it, I dont think the cow is free. Though the cow may have thought so.. The Bull Knew it was not free. I guess Free depends on how you look at things and what you believe Freedom means. The way I see reality, none of us are free in the true sense of the word, we all live in the prison of Influence/indoctrination/belief systems and our freedom is perceived in how we act within those prisons. Some are aware of it, some are not. For some of the ones who are aware, the Prison looks like the pasture for others, like the Corral. We are all in a prison.

    • Point taken. I suppose we could use a phrase coined from Thoreau, for our continual misery:

      “We should be commended for not having committed suicide a long time ago.”

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