We Were Created by an Alien Race

There is currently a theory that is becoming more and more common among the intellectual community. The theory is suggesting that humanity was , more than likely, created by an alien race.

Science has begun studies and experimentation with dna cloning, and the conjecture has been that this is perhaps, how we were created.


Does this not concur with the book of Genesis, that we were created in the image of our creators?  Meaning, the dna of an alien race was used as a pattern for creation.  Therefore, we hold many of the same characteristics, but have merely adapted to this planet, as  perhaps, many extraterrestrials have had to adapt to their own.

Interestingly, when people are asked:

Who created humanity?

Many answer:


Therefore, if extraterrestrials created humanity, it would appear that they are, indeed, what we have been unknowingly been referring to as God.

But, then they respond:

Then,  who created extraterrestrials?

It’s amazing that after a person accepts that we were probably created by an alien race, and that humanity has been unknowingly calling  them God, they immediately ask that question.

I look at is this way.  It’s a big step to simply accept that:

  • Extraterrestrials exist
  • We were created  by them
  • We have been calling them God for thousands of thousands of years.

And, as far as who created them?

We’ll leave that to the next generation…

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