And, All In One Day

I had put 20.00 in my purse, before heading out to a local church bazaar.  When I returned, after purchasing a few small things, I realized that I had lost 20.00.


This annoyed me.  I had to reconcile the loss, by thinking the church had given me the wrong change.  I considered going back, but did not.

This was odd, in another way.  While I was at the church, a woman walked up to the cash register and gave me a meaningful look.  She then handed the church lady a 20.00 bill, and stated that she was making a simple donation to the cause.  She kept staring at me, for reasons that were unclear.

After looking through my purse a multitude of times, I couldn’t figure it out.  Where was my 20.00 bill?  And, why was that woman staring at me, while handing the church lady the same amount of money?

I decided to forget about it.  It was too confusing.


In the meantime, while a student sat at my piano, I searched everywhere for a tiny notepad that I had.  I knew I had two, but couldn’t find the second one – anywhere.


I wanted to give it to him, because I had two – and he needed one for his lessons.

I gave up thinking about it.


Within the same week, I searched (and searched) for a packaged ham that I knew I had bought a few weeks earlier – in my freezer.  It was gone.


This was frustrating for me, as I knew I had bought one.  I moved everything in the freezer, looking for it.


I rolled my eyes, and thought about all the other things that were missing from my possession, and decided not to think about it anymore.


Until a week later.


It was a Friday, the following week.  I was getting out of my car.  I grabbed my purse, and found a 20.00 bill in the seat of my car.

It wasn’t there all the other times I had gotten out of my car.  I always look in the passenger seat of my car, before getting out.

But, there it was.

My 20.00.


I walked into the house, and set down my purse.  I looked on the table in the hallway, and 2 notebooks were stacked neatly on the tablecloth.

Two notebooks.

I shook my head, and remembered that I had looked for the missing notebook, just a week earlier.

I asked my husband if he had placed the second notebook there.

He did not.


I went to the kitchen, and opened the freezer to look for something to make for dinner.

And, there it was.

The ham steak I had looked for – a week ago.

Sitting in full view.


I guess I’m writing all of this down, because of the peculiarity of it all.

Everything I had lost, the previous week, had been returned.

And, all in one day.