No One Nearly Dies in a Near-Death Experience

I had so many plans for this summer.  We had a real estate agent scheduled to list our home in September, with thoughts of moving to the desert, as we have dreamed for several years.

But, every summer, since we started dreaming, something annoying has happened.

My poor husband, two years in a row, got very ill.  All the plans we had, were set aside for the following year.

This year, it was my turn.  It started with a severe neck sprain, which led to vertigo.  This lasted about a month.

Then, I twisted (and basically dislocated) my right leg.  It still isn’t healed, and this has gone on for 2 months.

I’m starting to wonder if my house doesn’t want to be sold, and is keeping us from doing so.

That isn’t really out of the question, considering my life.

In the meantime, I had a conversation with a brilliant man, whose specialty (among others) is quantum physics.  We talked about jumping time lines.  And, how when you nearly die, you actually jump to a different reality.

It struck me this morning, that no one nearly dies, in a near-death experience.

They actually do die.

Then, they return.

But, after returning, many have experienced a sense of “where the heck am I” and “why is everyone acting so strange” and “I don’t belong here” feelings.

I am one of them.

In actuality, I’m not supposed to be here, I was told.

Neither is my husband.

We are both, supposed to be dead.

We jumped time lines, and ended up in the same place.


There were certain people who jumped with us.

They may not be aware of it.

But, if they look back and really think about it, something very strange went on back in 1999.

I was supposed to die.

Instead, I jumped.

And, so did they.

An alternate time line.

Quantum physics explains the unexplainable.

I am satisfied with this explanation.

Have you had a near-death experience?

Think about this again.

You really did die.

You just entered a different time line, instead of coming back to the one you were living in before.

Hard to explain, but easy to accept – if you think about it.