I Hope It Do It Again

In order to get where we were going, we had to drive past an old bar that has been on the corner ever since I can remember.

Normally, this old bar advertises female dancers.  And, if the dancers are as old as the bar, you can only imagine what type of reputation it has.

Anyway, today there was a new sign. Perhaps they are changing venues.

“Amateur Male Dancer Night”

I found myself chuckling, within.  Can you imagine beer-bellied, construction workers (partially clad) dancing on a grimy, greasy stage – trying to impress the group of old men who normally patronize the place?

Women don’t go there.

Only old men.

This had me laughing, I just couldn’t help it.


I am, personally, relieved that the past holiday season – has ended.  I realized something about this type of season, that few would admit.

And, I am only remarking on what I see, and know about.

This is the season where good people get exploited.  They are forced to spend time with people they really don’t like.

They have to buy them gifts.

They have to allow them in their home, or they have to visit them.

People have to come together, and pretend that they really like each other – when they don’t.

At all.

“After all,” they say.  “It’s Christmas.  We should try to get along.”

They rarely do.

I do wonder if bad people look forward to the holidays, more than good people do.  They, essentially, get to rule the roost.

Take control.

They get catered to, and receive expensive gifts (in order to appease them).

I bet they know this, and count the days til the next Christmas season…


When reading reviews on movies, games or books, I am realizing that when someone says they were “bored” – it means they didn’t understand it.

Not that the product wasn’t challenging to the mind.

I recall seeing this begin.  This technique of labeling something as “boring” instead of admitting that the person couldn’t accomplish a certain task.

On the other hand, when someone says a movie was boring, it means there wasn’t enough gore for them.

The movie was probably intellectual, and over their head.

I should have realized this sooner.


Speaking of intellectual forms of entertainment:

Irene Nemirovsky has ruined my reading life.

Her books are so exquisite, that nothing I have read since reading her book “Suite Francaise” has pleased me.

I’m doomed, by quality.

And, there’s no going back.


I’m still in a creative slump.

I hope this will rectify itself soon.


I realized, the other day, that I missed summer.

I actually stated this fact – out loud.

I don’t believe I have ever, in my entire life, said the words “I miss summer.”

Last summer, I hurt my leg and was hardly able to walk.

Because I couldn’t walk, I had to sit a lot.

I sat on the front porch.

I was out there on the day that nearly a hundred dragonflies flew across the field, and landed on my property.

I was out there, when I noticed that gold finches were nesting across the street in a fig tree.

I was out there when a fresh breeze filled the air, right before it rained.

I was out there when a hawk sat in the tree, and stared at me from above.

Yes, I miss summer.

And, in a way, I’m glad I hurt my leg this year.

I hope I do it again…