Confessions of a Mystic: All of Them

There is a misconception in my documentation, that I feel I must reveal.  In my journals, it appears that I thought these bizarre events were orchestrated by unknown sources.  Within these texts, I have also noticed that I gave credit to the traditional entity known as “God” several times.  You must understand that I wrote this documentation without embellishment, and in the understanding that I had at the time in which these events occurred.  During that time, I was in much denial concerning the true source of countless events in which there was obvious interaction in my life.

But, I wonder how the reader understands these events.  I wonder if they, too, are crediting an invisible factor, never wanting to place the word that would most accurately describe those that had been accompanying me since childhood.  And, those that spoke to my mind countless times, even to this day.

I have taken a break from writing on this site  for several reasons.  When I stopped, there was a negative breeze flowing through the internet.  I was receiving comments that implied ignorance, and sometimes unflattering admissions on the part of the writer that very clearly stated their disbelief in something that has become very clear to me.  I deleted those comments.  Not only because I found them offensive, but because they were an embarrassment to the human race.

Someday, those who deny this apparent interaction between extraterrestrials and the spirit realm into our daily lives, will be seen the same as those who claimed the world was flat.  It saddens me that there is still this element within our society, and that this quadrant of humanity still exists.

When I look upon my journals, and general documentation of my interaction between myself and those that comprise the term “God,” meaning the combination of extraterrestrials and electromagnetic energy forms which can communicate to the human brain, I am humbled by the fact that I am one of the very few in existence who actually accept this fact, and utilize it cognitively.  Although, admittedly,  I did not come to this reality quickly, but only became conditioned to it over time.

I have made many elusive statements in this website, allowing for the slow growth of humanity to come to their own conclusions.  But, in all honesty, I can do so no longer.  Therefore, when asked how many of my articles, nearly 400, were implying that extraterrestrials and/or electromagnetic energy forms had an interaction in either the subject matter of the article, or even aided in the writing of the documentation or philosophy that was shared, I must say, without a shadow of a doubt:

All of them.

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July 24, 2010