Thought For the Day: A Week Later

He was looking at the computer, typing in my information.  Then, he turned at looked at me.

That familiar glaze went over his eyes.

I knew something was coming.

“The medical field is compiling DNA data.  They have figured out how to discern “weak-minded” people through DNA studies, and that it can be traced back through 2 or 3 generations.”

“That’s dangerous,” I said.  “That can be used against people.”

It already is,” he said, then changed the subject.

I left his office wondering how the medical field was getting all of these DNA samples.

A week later.

“I’m part Jewish, it appears,” he said, while touching the piano keys.  “My mother sent her saliva sample off to one of those companies that tell you your genetic history.”

This was one of those times, albeit rare, that I was speechless…