A Message To Those Without Health Insurance

We felt scammed by the Health Insurance scandal, so we dropped it.

Like a rock.

Sure, it was a risky thing to do.  But, we’ve survived.

At least, so far.

We bought inexpensive catastrophic health insurance, just like the millions (and millions) of other Americans who felt the same way.  With the money we saved from the HUGE premiums that we stopped paying, we built up our deductible.

And, of course, the penalty we’re going to pay – for not allowing ourselves to be scammed.

And, in the meantime, I set a policy for myself and my husband – that is non-negotiable.

  1. We Will Have Fun
  2. We Will Be Happy
  3. We Will Spoil Ourselves

I was told the other day, to be positive.  Keeping a positive outlook, can keep you healthy.

I am considering this concept, and weighing it against its opposition.

Can having a negative outlook, make you sick?


Therefore, I’m leaning towards the other theory.

And, we are doing things that we weren’t able to do, when we were spending huge amounts of money on traditional health insurance.

We are having fun, for a change.

We’re spoiling ourselves – more often.

In other words, we’re keeping a positive outlook, like I was advised.

And, so far, this is working out quite well.

I am remembering all those years when I had traditional health insurance, and how many times I ended up in the doctor’s office – for one thing or another.  Being a bit of a klutz and risk taker, I was always hurting myself.  And, because of this, was constantly sitting in the waiting room of the local doc-in-the-box for some type of miracle remedy and words of wisdom.

“Yes,” the doctor would say.  “You’ve hurt yourself.”

I spent a lot of money to hear something I already knew.

But, now I’m more careful.  Sure, I twisted my leg last summer.  And, because we don’t spend a HUGE amount of money on traditional health insurance, we had the money to pay for the visit – ourselves.  And, I was able to pick and choose what I would agree to, and what was out-of-the-question.

“How much will that cost?” I kept asking the doctor.

I don’t think he liked my questions.

Anyway, the point of this?

If you’re not paying HUGE premiums, and you’ve dropped health insurance – treat yourself to something nice.

Make yourself happy.

Keep a positive attitude.

Spoil yourself.

But, be careful.

Don’t be a klutz.

Take less risks.

And, you might just realize that you’re better off now – than you were before…