Hold Your Head Up

It all began when you were a child. That is, your training to telepathically communicate.

Your mother told you to sit up straight.

Your teachers told you to read silently, while they read aloud.

Unfortunately, it probably ended when your minister told you to bow your head, while he stood at the pulpit and prayed.

Ever opened your eyes during that moment and watched him?

Was his head bowed?

Probably not.

Before I explain this further, I’ll tell you a quick story about my neighbor.

One day my well-intended, very religious neighbor dropped by my home and asked me what I had been doing all day.  I told her that I had been meditating.

Her face went sour.  I asked her why.

I’ll never forget her response:

“Prayer is when you talk to God.

Meditation is when God talks to you.

You’re not supposed to meditate.”

This immediately caught my attention, as you could well understand.

So, I meditated more.

Over those years, I began to understand that prayer and meditation were the same as telepathic communication. When we were told to read silently by our teachers, we were being taught how to be a sender.

When our mothers were telling to sit up straight, we were, in effect, straightening our antenna.

But, when our minister told us to bow our heads, while he was holding his  erect, he was silencing our communications – so that he could be heard.


Ever noticed that Buddhism is the “Pathway to Enlightenment”


Christianity is a religion of “obedience” to the Bible?

Buddhists meditate.

Christians don’t.

Buddhists hold their head erect while meditating.

Christians are told to bend their necks.

Buddhists are receiving.

Christians are obedient.

But, wait.  We were also taught that God hears all of our thoughts, weren’t we.  And, our prayers.

I wonder about that, too.  Do our Creators hear our telepathic messages, when most of us aren’t even properly trained to send them?

Maybe the Bible was translated incorrectly.

Maybe it should have said:

Lord, teach us  how to telepathically communicate

With our Creators…

Prayer is when you talk to God.

Meditation is when God talks to you

Sit up straight

Speak silently

Hold your head up


Confessions of Mystic 2009

Confessions of a Mystic was my first, and my most popular blog I have ever written.

It was suggested to me that I re-print the articles that were posted under this title, due to the nature and content within.

This is one of those articles.